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I am a freelance image designer based in the heart of bavaria, working as a DoP, Camera Operator, Editor, Colorist and Motion Designer in Videography and Cinematography.

My main fields in the moment are Music, Sports and short documentary and scenic films.
But I'm up for anything as long as I can sense some magic in it. So just hit me up!

Due to my experience in every step of creating a motion picture I can provide the whole
package from finding an idea, creating an image concept and storyboard to get shooting
and help directing to finally put it all together in post-production. This way you'll always have the same guy to adress and can rest assured that every detail of the idea will be
carried through all of the process. While I also have more than a basic understanding
of foreign fields like sound or graphics I can rely on a network of quality freelance aquaintances should the need ever exceed my skills.

Not to mention I am also happy to work as part of a team in all of the above positions.

Besides creating motion image products I also love to capture just those single magic glimpses in Photography. Whether it's
getting just those brief sparkling moments at
live concerts
or portray unique places and their beings I'll make sure to always
present it with the shine it deserves.

My current location Eichstätt lays perfectly in the middle of Bavaria, meaning I can
reach all major bavarian cities like Nuremberg, Munich, Augsburg and Regensburg
within just one hour of driving.

As you might see this is just a temporary website - a finished one with full portfolio is on the way! In the meantime please check out my portfolio on social media
(provided on the main page)
and feel free to contact me via E-Mail! (click this little guy on the right ;))


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